1lit, 2lit, 5lit, 10lit, 20lit, 25lit net filling capacity
Other volumes can be customized, if possible
Interchangeable stirred metal autoclave
Material of construction (MOC)
Metal Free Glass Reactor
SS-316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium etc.
Interchangeable stirred metal & glass autoclave
Design Pressure
100 bar / 1450 psi
200 bar / 2900 psi (50ml – 25lit)
350 bar / 5000 psi. (50ml – 10lit)
Design Temperature
250°C (482°F)
350°C (662°F)
500°C (932°F) (50ml – 25lit)
Nozzles, Valves & Fittings
Pressure gauge, vent needle valve, safety rupture disc, Internal cooling(Single tube in tube out type cooling pipe for 50ml / 100ml, Serpentinecooling coil for 250ml and helical cooling coil for 450ml to 100lit), thermowell (with RTD-PT-100 temp. sensor), gas inlet & liquid sampling needlevalve with common dip tube (sparger)
Ball valve for powder / liquid inlet, flush bottom valve, serpentine cooling coil (450ml – 100lit)
Body & Head Sealing
Split clamp type quick opening system with clamp bolts & flat gasket
Split taper clamp with bolts
Split clamp with ‘O’ ring & without clamp bolts
Threaded clamp & vessel with ‘O’ ring seal
Nut & bolts with flange & gasket
PTFE (upto 350°C)
Metallic Grafoil (for temperature >350°C up to 500°C)
Head Mounting Style
Removable head and vessel design
Fixed head design with removable vessel & heater (manual)- for 50ml – 1lit size
Fixed head design with removable vessel & heater (motorized) – for 450ml – 5lit size
Motor & Drive
Non flame proof / Flameproof (Explosion proof) AC motor for Group IIA & IIB gases
Flame proof CE-Atex certified for group IIC gases like H2
Compact in line brushless DC motor (50ml – 25lit)
Stirrer RPM
100 – 1450 rpm variable speed (50ml – 5lit) 100 – 750 rpm (10lit – 100lit)
2900 rpm (Up to 5lit Autoclaves)
1450 rpm (for 10lit -100lit)
Shaft Sealing
Zero leakage Magnetic Drive coupling
4 bladed pitch blade turbine (50ml – 250ml)
6 bladed pitch blade turbine (450ml – 100lit)
Hollow shaft with gas induction Impeller, propeller, anchor, spiral, ruston turbine, paddle & special designed stirrer for highly viscousmaterial
Heating System
Electrical ceramic band heater with ceramic wool insulation cladding
Flame proof certified Aluminum cast heater
SS – 304 Jacket for oil / steam heating
External electrical heater on SS jacket with oil inside
Control Panel
Compact SS – control Panel with microprocessor based programmable PID temperature controller cum indicator, variable motor speed drive &other digital indicators/ controllers (as ordered) mounted on it
Digital temperature indicator in flameproof enclosure with SS control panel mounted at a safe distance of 10m
Flame proof Group IIA / IIB or IIC control panel.
Touch screen panel
Power Supply
1Ø, 220 V AC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
3Ø, 400 V AC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
1Ø, 110 V AC, 60 Hz
3Ø, 230 V AC, 60 Hz