Divine has been serving the industry since past 5 yrs., by supplying the engineering product to customer like you. Divine has always tried to provide the best quality with latest features. However the existing equipment supplied to you, needs service, maintenance after warranty period. In order to minimize your breakdown time following is essential.

  • Prompt service with original spares, replacement / repair.
  • Periodic visits for Autoclave servicing.
  • Preventive maintenance to enhance the life of the equipment.
  • Safety precautions & measures.
  • Train existing Chemist / Operators.

Following parts are included in AMC which will be replaced after every month.

  1. Gasket
  2. Washers
  3. Adaptor
  4. Clamp Bush
  5. Stirrer Holding Bush
  6. Magnetic Drive Bush & Washers

To cater to above we are offering Annual maintenance contract to our existing customers.Jobs carried out during AMC.

  • Visits:‘n’ Numbers of Visits: every month 1 visit Or As per Requirement.
  • Solve leakage problem if any.
  • Solve control panel problems.
  • To demonstrate & Train to operator the equipment to its full potential.
  • Demonstrations of preventive measures and precautions.
  • Calibration of all required parts done once in a year.
  • No labor cost.
  • No visiting charges.
  • No servicing charges.
  • 10% discount on purchase of any parts from us (exclusive for AMC Clients).