Sealless/ Gland Less Design:

 All Seals/ Glands are completely eliminated with the help of Magnetic Drive so that even the most Hazardous & Toxic liquids & Gases can be handled.

No Lubrication Required.

Stuffing Boxes, Gland packing and allied systems are eliminated for trouble free & non-contaminating mixing.

Easy & Quick Opening

The threaded design facilitates easy & quick opening for cleaning or maintenance purpose.

High Operational Parameters

The MDLA Mixers are designed for operation at High Temperatures up to 300 °C. High pressures upto 150 Kg/cm².g and High Vacuum.



Size of the Mixer:

The Rare earth Magnets used in MDLA Mixers allow them to offer high power for their size. The compact size of the mixers frees the head space of the reactor for connections & Instrumentations.

The Mixers can be mounted on new vessels or retrofitted to in service vessels. All MDLA Mixers are available in Threaded connections to match the existing shaft or rigid coupling configuration.

High Reliability

The MDLA Mixers have proven themselves is typical mixing  / agitation applications. Every aspect of designing plays an important role in their success.

The Mixers employs a very heavy duty oversize bearing support in a three point configuration for optimum bearing life. The shafts have large diameters for high strength & Stability.