Flow Control Valves

Types of Thermocouples

Divine Industries Instruments manufactures wide range of Electric Actuators & allied Process control equipment for over 25 year. The product range covers almost the entire requirements of operations of the final control elements in the process industries and service sectors such as water, sewage etc. The product are suitable for various types and sizes of valves and dampers for ON/OFF the Regulating duty operations and for safe or Hazardous areas.

The valves with actuators are supplied with biggest type of accessories and can directly work on the control signal of 4-20 mA and also give feedback signal of 4-20 mA with respect to the actual mechanical position of the final control element.

Globe Valve with Linear Actuator, Ball Valve with Rotary Actuator, Butterfly Valve with Rotary Actuator


  • Type : Electrical, Reversible
  • Size : 15 mm to 150 mm NB for Ball & Globe Valve
  • Size : 50 mm to 300 mm NB for Butterfly Valve
  • Body : Cast Iron, Cast Carbon, Cast Stainless Steel
  • Torque : 10mm to 2000 NM
  • Thrust : 100 to 400 Kgf.
  • End Connection : Flange End – 150/300/600 ASI
  • Medium : Air, Water, Steam, Oil etc.
  • Temperature : upto 300 °C