Easy Programming

  • You can program and modify directly on the LCD by pressing the button, so you needn’t any other special tools and connection.
  • Free software of programming and monitoring – QUICK II and FAB-scanda.

Analog inputs receivable

With the help of our FAB, analog inputs can be easily received. Either a long distance monitoring or status of RTC execution on PC or to edit, after program and parameter printing by MODEM simply with special connector.

127 – set RTC Control

Big capable 127-set of function-block or ladder programs, are specially designed for time control.

Initiative Separated Panel with LCD display

One LCD display plate is able to match w/multi FAB units for cost saving.

Telephone connectable and voice warning

Monitoring through telephone digit or MODEM by the pre-set programs after your required commands, even to program voice warning function available.

Application Scope

  • Automatic Door control
  • Dispose of sewage automation
  • Lighting Automation
  • Street lamp automation control
  • Agriculture irrigation & lighting control
  • Home work
  • Tunnel automatic light adjustment control
  • Anti-burglary security system
  • Fountain control system
  • Intercity automation
  • Neon street light control
  • Intelligent residence control
  • Industrial automation
  • Factory school bell automation control
  • Machinery tool automation

General Technical Characteristics

Certificate : CE
Program size : 127 Blocks
LCD display : 4 lines of characters
Timer : 127
Storage : -40°C~+70°C
Programming Method : FBD
Program Memory : 64 K
Counter : 127
RTC : 127
Operating temperature : -5°C~+55°C

Fab Parts

AF-LCD : LCD Panel
AFCAP : Common Cover
AF-C232 : Interface between FAB and Modem or pc
AF-C485 : Voice function module
AF-P485 : Interface between computer and 485bus
AF-MUL : Voice function module
AF-M232 : Interface between FAB and Modem
QUICKII/FAB/ SCANDA : FAB programming and monitoring software


No Model Power Supply Input Output
1 AF-10MR-A AC100~240V 6-Point AC Input 4-Point Relay Output
2 AF-10MR-E AC/DC12~24V 6-Point AC/DC Input 4-Point Relay Output
3 AF-10MT-E DC 12~24V 6-Point DC Input 4-Point Transistor Output
4 AF-10MR-D DC 12~24V 6-Point DC(Analog) Input 4-Point Relay Output
5 AF-10MT-D DC 12~24V 6-Point DC(Analog) Input 4-Point Transistor Output
6 AF-20MR-A AC100~240V 12-Point AC Input 8-Point Relay Output
7 AF-20MR-E AC/DC12~24V 12-Point AC/DC Input 8-Point Relay Output
8 AF-20MT-E DC 12~24V 12-Point DC Input 8-Point Transistor Output
9 AF-20MR-D DC 12~24V 12-Point DC(Analog) Input 8-Point Relay Output
10 AF-20MT-D DC 12~24V 12-Point DC(Analog) Input 8-Point Transistor Output
11 AF-LCD Removable LCD for programming
12 AF-CAP Common cover for representing the LCD panel
13 AF-C232 Interface between FAB, MODEM & PC
14 AF-C485 Interface between FAB & RS 485 bus for networking & monitoring
15 AF-P485 Interface between COM port of PC & RS 485 bus for networking
16 AF-MUL Phone voice block for recording & broadcasting (AC power)
17 AF-M232 Interface between AF-C232 & MODEM for communication
18 CD-ROM FAB software (including QUICK II & SCADA 3.0)
19 AF-COPY Copy module
20 AF-MUL-D Phone voice block for recording & broadcasting (DC power)
21 AF-CMP The connecting cable between To PC connection of the telephone voice module and PC