PID Controller (MAX THERMO)


  • Controlling temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, pH. Detecting voltage, ampere, power, phase failure



  • PID auto tuning
  • Two FUZZY PID control processes, with two individual outputs.
  • Multi range input( TC, RTD, mV ), each 14 BIT resolution.
  • Relay output, SSR drive, 4~20mA changable by a module.
  • Three-point alarm, with 19 alarm modes.
  • Non – volatile memory.
  • Self – diagnosis function.
  • AUTO ZERO and AUTO SPAN circuit keep good accuracy.
  • Free range voltage from AC 85V to 265V or DC 10 to 50V.
  • Data lock function
  • 2 pattern each 8 segments programming procedure available to be ordered.
  • Input 2 can be used in Remote SV.
  • Optional transmitter output.
  • With output percentage control, if sensor broken, the controller automatically board manually operation to be controlled by heating power with output percentage.