Divine Industries Portable Dry block calibration bath is designed to provide stable and accurate temperature to unable to calibrate temperature sensing devices by comparison method.It is used to calibrate thermocouple, RTD, Glass Thermometer, Dial Thermometer , Temperature switches etc.

Thermocouple Sensor Calibration System

  • Specially designed for temp. Sensor Calibration suitable for upto 1100 °C Temp.

All in one compact unit consist of following features

  • Up to 7 thermocouple +1 Master can be calibrated at a time.
  • Master PID Controller Interface for remote setting & controlling
    Optional : Computer Interface for remote setting of parameters + Monitoring Profile control for multi – points calibration
  • 8Channel scanner with RS 232 Interface to Long result with programmable duration from 1 min. to 99 min. on Line logging options.
  • Built – in – Mini 18 column printer.
  • External 80 column printer interface with dedication data interface to store up to 450 data of 16 channel with RTC with customised header and footer for direct printing or storing and printing later.
  • Computer Interface with Software to monitor and store data as well export EXCEL format
  • Isothermal Inconel – 600 Block with 8 pockets of diff. size and diff. diameters
  • High temp. Thermal Insulation to minimize outer case temp. max 5 °C above ambient.


General Specifications

Stability : Better than ±0.2°C
Set point Achieve Time : Apr. 15 minutes
Stabilization Time : Apr. 15 minutes after reaching Set value

Display Specifications

Range : Ambient to 400°C /600c
Display : Dual 4 Digit Digital Display
Display Resolution : 0. 1°C
Temp. Setting : With Push-Button Data Entry
Cooling Time : 20 minutes from 400°C/600°C to Ambient

Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption : 1000 watts Apr.
Power Supply : 230v AC, 50 Hertz
Fuse Rating : 10 A, 250 VAC
Cooling System : Air Cooling through Fans